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Cords of Steel - Silver Cord
Cords of Steel - Rose Gold Cord
Cords of Steel - Rainbow Cord
Cords of Steel - Gun Metal Cord
Cords of Steel - Bluel Cord
NstaJam in Pink
NstaJam in Blue
NstaJam in Orange
NstaJam in Black
NstaJam in Green

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Raising awareness and raising funds…


We have a couple of products we know you’re gonna love.  You can use them for your favorite charity fundraiser. BUT keep coming back.  We’ll be adding all kinds of GREAT gadgets for you to use for your fundraisers.

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We’re starting with two items you won’t be able to live without:



A waterproof, hey a completely SUBMERSIBLE bluetooth micro speaker.

And Cords of Steel


With The RightAngle you will avoid the frustrations of dealing with inferior cords that waste your hard earned money! The RightAngle will charge hundreds of devices from Android, iPhone, Drones, Video Game Remotes, WiFi Head Sets, Go Pro Cameras, Charging Packs, as well as any other device that uses Lightning or Micro USB!

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